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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Real Adventure

Dinner included a deconstructed Waldorf (the captain doesn't like grapes).

Our first sail since I got onboard involved a small adventure. We use our "small" boat (a dingy with a motor on it) as a tug, and it died as we closed in on the dock. Had I not quickly run to the right place on the boat with the fenders, we would have crushed in the side of a large motor-yacht.

I’m responsible for fenders when setting off and returning to the dock, and I was holding them to protect our back end, where it's widest. I wasn't sure whether the captain thought he could clear it, or what was going on - but I heard the mate and the engineer tell me to run to the mid-deck. I got there just in time to lower the fender - a large, bulbish plastic ball - alongside our boat. We squished it against the yacht only a few seconds later, as the yacht owner stared dumbfounded from the dock and his wife looked terrified from inside.

It reminded me of a similar near-mishap last summer in Sweden, when we had to get our sloop out of a tight spot. I never thought then to use our fenders.

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