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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Best pie in the keys

Mrs. Mac's key lime pie
I'm recently back from Florida, a brief respite from the cold with my family and an old friend. (No surprise: we rented a hobycat so we could spend at least one day sailing.)

Before leaving, still on a quest to find the best key lime pie in the keys, we stopped by Mrs. Mac's.

I've had key lime pies before that were so rock-hard from the freezer that you had to sit and stare at them for 10-15 minutes before you could eat them. But at Mr.s Mac's, our forks slid through the custard.  I thought, these can't have been frozen. But I asked the waitress and she said they were - in fact, she said if they kept the pies in the refrigerator they would separate.

If anyone knows a recipe that captures Mrs. Mac's secret, please clue me in.

Mrs. Mac's sign has a sailboat on it. Maybe I was predisposed to like her pie.

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