The Cast of Characters & Quick Guide to the Story

Part III: The Marlin

March - August 2011
I call our fair vessel the Marlin. I joined on as cook on her in mid-March of 2011. We've had several captains over time, and the crew is constantly going through evolutions. But here is a list of characters, and I will try to maintain it

In order of appearance:
Eve, our beloved and kind-hearted engineer 
Bly, our former gunner, who left us in Marblehead
Rigby, our former purser and gunner, who left on July 1st in Toledo
Mark, the old cook, with whom I overlapped a few days
Kip, our former bosun, who left us when we arrived in Wilmington
Smith, our faithful sometimes-first mate, sometimes-bosun, who left us in Duluth
Captain Bill, the relief captain when I got onboard, who also left in Wilmington
Harrison, first our coxswain , then he returned in Duluth as bosun
The excellent and amazing Captain Flash, our head captain
Seth #2, who was our first mate on our long transit up to Greenport, and again from Toledo to Chicago. After I'm gone he'll be taking the boat out the St. Lawrence
Jane, who was also with us briefly as first mate, from Greenport to Marblehead
Captain Dashing, who steered us down the St. Lawrence, relieved Captain Flash in Ogdensburg, and stayed in command until Rochester
Neb, once a deckhand, now our coxswain and gunner; he leaves a few days before I do
Chip, a volunteer deckhand who joined us from Marblehead to Rochester
Straus is our tattooed and earringed hipster sailor and purser, and joined us in Clayton
Our new social butterfly and no longer the New Girl, is Buttons; she'll take over as gunner and maybe coxswain when Neb leaves
Butler, an 18-year-old volunteer, who stayed with us from Toledo to Ludington
Deutsch, a bonafied deckhand and our assistant engineer
J-bird, our volunteer/passenger from Marquette to Chicago
Captain Smiley, the last and final captain for the duration of my time on the Marlin
Mouse, a volunteer deckhand
Burns, our current first mate

I know I'm missing a few, and will try to fill this in and keep it accurate so it's easier to follow the story... When we get passengers, I will simply refer to them as P1, P2, P3, etc., since they are with us so briefly.