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Sunday, November 14, 2010

First morning at sea - Boston to Bermuda

Hard to describe how incredible it was to wake up this morning and look out the hatch and see a thin line of a sunrise looping around the horizon, water on all sides. Incredible. I love the sea. I wish I were learning more about sailing the boat, but there has been a shortage of time, since mostly I am caught up cooking in the galley  - but also because I am slightly afraid to ask the captains about anything, especially Captain Might, who answers my questions for the most part as if I am a child. Maybe I look like a child to him.

Captain Wright was in the kitchen just now and I stopped typing to ask him some questions about the wind and the boat. We’re sailing southerly right now with the wind behind us, but because of our speed under motor, there’s no point in putting up a jib sail. So our sails are obsolete right now, banging back and forth in the wind and the toss of the waves.

One thing that people outside this life might not know about is that at night or in heavy seas, we have to wear harnesses. So last night and this morning, when I woke, instead of going straight from my quarters in the fishhole to the galley, I had to go around to the back of the boat, aft, where the wheel is, and where the captains steer the ship. And there I have to tell someone that I am on deck – this as a system for knowing who is missing, if someone goes overboard.

Right now I have cinnamon rolls in the oven and oatmeal on the stove and it is 0700, which means it’s time to rock and roll. Group 1 is to be fed.


  1. I love reading about this! It is so cool to imagine you cooking up delights for all those people. Kinda reminds me of what it's like to eat with a crew in the woods--all different diets and styles, all with huge appetites and nowhere to escape to. Lovely.

    You might have to write a book about this some day. If you fall in love, you could write Cook, Spray, Love! (Only better than her.)


  2. I also love reading this Cole. Wow - what an adventure. My hands hurt just thinking about the cuts and burns. And your skills are amazing. Thank you for keeping this up! And I'll take you out for an amazing meal in BVI :)

  3. Lots of Vitamin E oil for the wounds, and intensive moisturizer for the callouses. Um, but I bet you know that?

    Please let us know if there is anything we can ship to BVI for you.

    Amazing adventure! This is changing your life all right!