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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What do you do With a Sea-sick Sailor?

Smith and Bly putting up the safety line (aka., the sailor strainer).
Left cell phone range about 1 pm. Took HOURS for the crew to reef and raise the sails. I think until just after five - so 4-5 hours. That's a long time. Especially given the fact that they needed to start dividing up into watches, getting sleep before their turn. 

Cap gets sea-sick "Like it's my business" - and it's true, she was sick before we were barely out the gate, before we hit the ocean.

When we hit the ocean, I started noticing a little nausea, but it comes and goes. It always helps to go on deck. And in my case to eat.

Brownies at sea - you can't even see the heeling effect, 
thanks to an old can of coke stuffed under one end of the pan.
Wednesday's Menu
Leftovers: leftover hash; leftover bread pudding and eggs scrambled with leftover ham and cheese.

Two white lasagnas; with beef for the meat-eaters as well as celery/carrot/onion mixture, cottage cheese and parm in top ... Made a similar one for the vegetarian but with mushrooms, but she wasn't feeling up to it.

Oven-fried chicken (in panko) and mashed potatoes, salad with feta and sweet chili;


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