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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Know Your Captain

Leftover Rice Krispie treats and tomorrow's coffee cake(!).
I came up with Cap’s nickname weeks ago. I decided I wanted to call her Captain Flash. I had told Kip when he asked me about names. “Hmmm,” he said, “She might like that.”

I googled her before I took the job. Like I googled Captain Wright from the Neverland. I approach it like a company doing a background check. Except I only peripherally glance at their experience or try to find what people have said about them (though I should). I do an image search. All I want to know is: does the person look trustworthy?

Hard Facts
Here is what I know about Captain Flash. She is an excellent storyteller, though if she uses the word, “Banana Daquiri,” elements of fiction are being introduced.  The crew has briefed me on her eating habits. According to Smith, “She’s a hyper-taster, so she can break down the ingredients of any dish. And therefore doesn’t like spicy things. She hates onions – not the taste, but the texture. She doesn’t eat breakfast and on transits doesn’t hardly eat at all, so don’t be offended. And she loves pineapple.” (Smith also loves pineapple, so one must question her motivation for this little tip.)

I already feel like I'm running an app in my brain designed to censor meals accordingly. I’ve already decided to make copious amounts of pickled and caramelized onions so the crew can onion-up their plates individually.

Food preferences aside, I’m ready to have a regular captain installed. I’m eager to work for a woman again. I think it's cool that she's younger than me. I'm ready for some stability, despite my need for change.

I had Harrison help stage my own little photoshoot.
Thursday's Menu
Breakfast burritos: scrambled eggs, spicy sausage, rice, tortillas , cheese, sour cream, hot sauce
Sandwiches and fatasmic couscous salad and German potato salad
Pizza (Bolognese; Ham & pineapple; and BBQ pork); and salad
Rice Krispie treats (I got lazy again)


  1. orange marmalade

  2. Yes, Smith, I won't forget the orange marmalade when I provision today!