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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Got All My Sisters With Me

Okay, not all of my sisters, but two of them did drive several hours to come sailing with us today. Unfortunately, the third one couldn't make it, but she was missed. I hope L and R enjoyed it. I was a little frazzled. This whole application process just puts more on my plate than usual - and I can already barely make it through a day with time enough to myself. 

The other day I booked a flight to New York departing on the 30th. So before my sisters left I packed my backpack full of stuff that I don't want to lug with me there: my Nalgene bottle, my rain jacket, my one-cup coffee press; books; my hand-held food processor (aka., "wand")... and a handful of other things. It felt very definite. It made real the fact that I'm leaving soon, that the jig is almost up, and I have no clue where the road ahead will lead.

A summery version of Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Sunday's Menu
Cheese grits with Asiago, caramelized onions and chipotle
Eggs coddled in bacon grease and butter
Corned beef on hash browns with cabbage slaw and pickled carrots
I was going to make paella, but the mussels I pulled out of the freezer smelled awful, and the shrimp was freezer-burned, and I hadn't really thought through how I would make a vegetarian version and a meat version with only one hotplate... so I changed plans and made red beans and rice that didn't really cook long enough, and turned out more like soup... it tasted good but was not my best meal. I really felt like I was off my game. But I was also lower on ingredients than I've ever been... so there weren't a lot of options... Later, I realized I should've made spaghetti bolognese, but whatcha gonna do?

My dinner was different, though. My sisters and I went to the Blue Moon Bistro and I ordered tuna sashimi and a dry martini.

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