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Friday, October 29, 2010

Backed Up

I did a first draft of these prior to my arrival, so I knew 
they would be a hit.
Taco meat for twelve, times two meals...
Friday finally arrived and I had plans to leave for Boston by 3 pm. But before I could leave, I had to make all of the meals for the entire weekend. I woke at 4 am. Unable to go back to sleep, I was in the kitchen by 5 am, baking cinnamon rolls according to Beth Hensperger's recipe. When the Swedish girl, Kakan, walked in for breakfast I told her I thought I had knocked this one out of the ballpark. Looking back, I wonder if she knew what I meant. They were light and pillowy and I didn't make Hensperger's sauce, but instead used the trick Abby taught me where you pack the bottom of the dish chock-full with brown sugar, cinnamon and pecans.  It was an excellent note to start the day on.

Then I made two dishes of a butternut squash baked pasta dish, with bacon in the meat version. These were to be re-heated and served for lunch when I was away.

I also made fixings for tacos - I chopped tomatoes and onions and sliced up lettuce and grated cheese and made a mashed bean mix out of those darned beans that never quite softened. (Although I never heard a peep from them on this note, I am sure they tired of seeing those beans.) I arranged for them to recycle the beans and the taco meat for Saturday night's dinner as well, and make burritos in large tortillas instead.

I can't even recall what I served them for lunch that day. All I know is that I did leave at 3 pm, and that everything was ready and the galley was clean.

Gloucester in the early morning, the masts of our 
ship sticking up across the bay.
I arrived at the hotel earlier than my friends and even though I had slept a scant few hours, more than sleep, I craved a shower. I felt like I'd never been that dirty before. I had to wash twice before my skin felt like the grease was off. I washed my hair twice. I cleaned my pores. I perfumed myself. Oh, to be clean!

I put on my city boots and make-up and within an hour I felt feminine again. Allen and Iz arrived and we made our way to Eastern Standard for delicious cocktails and a late night dinner, made up of dishes I might not eat for a while - fois gras, bouillabaisse and lobster gnocchi. I went to bed very tired and very happy.

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